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Stand-Up or Status Report?

A Stand-up is a Touch Point, Not a Report Card

A team stand-up often becomes a Status or Reporting meeting rather than what it is meant to be, a quick chat by the team to update each other on what they did, what they are doing and issues they are facing. We cap at 15 minutes and stand-up to help ensure it does not become an actual “meeting.”

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Why User Stories?

A Placeholder for Conversation

The most common questions I hear about the user story – what it is, how to use it, and why it matters. The agile process is about conversion and the user story is where the details of that conversation are noted, stored and refined, as the conversation continues.

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Leading People While Managing Work

A short time ago, an article caught my attention like nothing has in a long while. Reading the article I realized, these are not just the traits of an extraordinary boss but those found in an effective and empowering Agile leader.

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My Agile Journey

How I Got From THERE To Agile

The words transition and transformation are used a lot when it comes to Agile changes yet somehow when you have gone through the process, they do not seem to capture the highs and lows that occur along the way. Things that HAVE to occur for true agility to be the outcome. There is no magic, no switch you can flip; it is something you have to work to become.

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The Plan

We Are Agile, We Don’t Need A Plan

If you have ever said that, or heard someone else in your organization say it, you are so WRONG!

There is so much power in having a plan and communicating it to your team. It allows every member to make corrections and decisions, everyday, to help keep the project on track.

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Meeting Mayhem

Getting Your Meetings Under Control

Adding a bit of planning to how your meetings work and being agile in your approach does not only reduce “meeting mayhem” but helps to ensure you increase both the actual and perceived value of the time spent in meetings.

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