Meeting Mayhem

Getting Your Meetings Under Control

Adding a bit of planning to how your meetings work and being agile in your approach does not only reduce “meeting mayhem” but helps to ensure you increase both the actual and perceived value of the time spent in meetings.

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Change Is Scary

Understand the Emotional Impact of Change On Your Team

Agile is a permanent state of change. Iterating is the process of moving things closer and closer to a desired state of being. People do not change and grow the way projects can so what can you do to help? You need to acknowledge that there can be an underlying fear of change at the most basic level for every person who is part of the Agile transition, a fear that may impact your Agile progress. The best thing you can do is NOT ignore it!

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People Over Process

Processes Do Not Communicate with Each Other, People Do

Agile adoption is a transition for the business, the team, the project, the process and the people. During this phase though it seems that the priority often defaults to and focuses ONLY on the process, so the “people part” can get lost in the fray.

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I Don’t Do Agile!

Really? You Are Probably More Agile Than You Think!

Do you think agile is a totally new concept? That you have never “done agile”? In truth, many people use agile practices every day and do not even realize it! Think about last weekend and your chore list…

If you have kids, know kids, or were a kid, you were agile!

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